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My time as an instructor with Outward Bound has been an incredibly influential set of experiences. I've watched hundreds of people — adults in transition, corporate group members, wayward college students or struggling teens — engage in challenge.  Invariably they respond by tapping into previously unknown reserves of strength and tenacity. Not only has seeing this built in me a rock solid faith in humanity, it has developed my own skills and knowledge of leadership, mentoring, decision-making and advocacy.


With over 20 years of experience with groups, teams, staff, individuals, students, and boards, 1 have a variety of tools and solutions at-the-ready. Many of these solutions have a direct connection to my time leading groups as an Outward Bound instructor and the 900+ days I have spent living and traveling outdoors. But many others come from combining my wilderness leadership experience, with that of the board room, conference room and the classroom.




After working with many different directors, Amy is the most competent and is one of the most visionary leaders I have worked with.


Danielle Poitras

Assistant Director of Marketing

Naropa University


"Amy is someone who provided genuine vision and the practicality to truly manifest it.".


John Weber

Academic Administrator

Naropa University

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