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Amy can bring her 25 years of experience delivering, designing and promoting experiential programs and higher education and in leading and managing change to your organization. Her time in marketing and customer service built a perspective that incoprates both the organization and the customer. Finding the perfect ways those two interests can be met was a theme in her professional life.


Successful change management, leadership and process design require that same ability to merge perspectives and find elegant, workable, effective solutions in an inclusive, purposefully designed process.


Amy Saxton Organization & Project Management Services was founded to bring together the best leadership and strategic planning with change management for powerful and permanent success. 


We envision a world where organizations thrive, grow and know themselves well.

Our Services

Executive Leadership Services

Many organizations, as they grow, are not yet ready to hire a permanent staff role.  Using an independent contrctor for the first few years, as an organization "find themselves" by creating a Strategic Vision and plan for getting there, is a great time to lean on an independent contractor.

Long-term Project Management

Stable or established organizations sometimes have an opportuntiy that they feel compelled to take on, but that existing staff cannot accommodate.  A long-term (6-24 months) project management role can be a great way to take on the extra work of launching a new program or managing a project like Strategic Planning.


Rates are negotiable but will typically be based on an hourly rate of $35 - $50.  Additionally, I typically require a stipend, in addition fees for service, to cover certain costs of doing business that can range anywhere from 15%- 30% of the total fees


Change Management for Schools and School Systems



Between federal and local regulations and demanding parents as well as just the daily intensity of serving hundreds of students 9 months a year, schools are often being pulled in many different directions. They are busy places without a lot of easily found flexibility. But many administrators want to find a way to make the changes they know would be worth the work, if they could only find the time.
Transformational Educational can help your district or school plan, design and implement a change like adjusting the busing schedule or the start-end times, or designing a system for family engagement that actually works.
Call or email for a free consult.
Student Success Support Services for Experiential Education Providers



I've heard it dozens of times, customers, about to enroll their child on an experiential education program, ask: "What about follow up? Do you provide a report or anything?"  Too often the answer is no or something less than they are hoping.


Families choose experiential progams for a reason. They want change. Transformational Educational partners with Experiential Education providers to help families gain more insight to their kid's experience and support it and build on it and hear more that "it was cool" when their child returns home.


There is no cost to you as a provider. Once we design our pre- and post-course interface, you simply refer customers seeking expanded follow up to Transformational Educational and we take it from there.


Pre-course, we deliver a structured introduction for the course, just like any good experiential educator would do prior to a climbing day or a ropes course. We assist in pre-course paperwork and interview process to help the student and parents set clear goals that they can keep in mind on course and the will share that extra insight with instructional staff.


Post-course, we work to transfer that learning to the home environment. We, with your coordination of course, hire (at our expense) the staff person to join an hour-long facilitated post course call to review the goals set pre-course and  facilitate a post-course reflection and conversation.


Call or email to learn more.

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